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What's on Tap!

MadTree & Shorts Bonsai Project … 5.4% abv … OH/MI
Inspired by Black and Tans, this is a Gin & Tonic beer! Layers of Short's MI and MadTree's Oh!

Short's MI … 5.4% abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed with lemon, lime, and orange juice and zest, cinchona bark, allspice, cubeb pepper, and lemongrass.

MadTree Oh … 5% abv … Ohio
Gin-inspired specialty ale with lemon peel, juniper berry, hibiscus, and coriander with raspberry and peach added.

Dogfish Head BA Palo Santo Marron … 13%abv … Delaware
Aged first in South American "holy wood" then moved to bourbon barrels.

PUX Whipper Snapper … 6.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Pux took their already delicious cider, added ginger, cinnamon and pear with a dash of nostalgia.

Short's Soft Parade … 7.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Fermented with pureed strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries with a rye malt bill.

Bell's Two Hearted … 7% abv … MICHIGAN
Rated the best IPA in the world! It has a wonderful floral aroma, superior drinkability, and impressive consistency.

Old Nation Double Dry Hopped M43 … 7.2%abv … MICHIGAN
This New England IPA undergoes two dry hoppings, leading to accentuated hop character.

Stone Fear. Movie. Lions … 8.5% abv … CALIFORNIA
This unfiltered double IPA is juiced up with massive tropical & citrus notes. Stone's take on a NE IPA!

Short's - Logan's Lager … 5.2% abv … MICHIGAN
You may not have asked for it, but here it is! Short's brewed, Logan's poured. The Logan's Lager.

Witch's Hat Three Kord Kolsch … 4.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Crisp, refreshing and slightly fruity. Filled with bready notes and noble hops!

Bee Well Antrim Apple Pie - Mead ... 6.9% abv … MICHIGAN
Local apples, vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, and local honey.

Brew Detroit Cold Brew Stout (NITRO) … 5.8% abv … Detroit
Cold steeped Germack coffee is pungent to say the least, notes of chocolate and caramel.

Founders Breakfast Stout … 8.3%abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, and coffee.

Revolution Café Deth … 14.8% … Illinois
A weaponized quantity of freshly roasted whole bean coffee imbues our Deth’s Tar with assertive coffee aromatics.

Revolution Deth By Currants … 13.6% … Illinois
Black currants provide a lively tartness and soft sweetness to Deth's Tar!

Revolution Deth's Tar … 14.8% … Illinois
Witness the firepower of this fully operational Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout!

Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout … 9.6% … New York
If you love the caramelized sugar coated custard dessert, then this is a stout for you.

Dogfish Head SeaQuench - Gose … 4.9% abv … Delaware
3 German styles in 1! Kolsch, Gose, & Berliner Weiss brewed w/ black lime & sea salt to quench thirst!

Evil Twin Nomader Weisse … 5% abv … New York
This take on a Berliner-weisse is a sharp and clean session beer.

Odd Side Raspberry Blood Orange Fruitsicle … 4.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Juicy, fruity, slighlty tart with lactose, raspberries and blood oranges!

Upland Crimson … 10% … Indiana
Long fermentation reveals aromas of plum, red wine and cherry. The bourbon barrels add subtle notes of charred dark oak.