About Us

Promoting the Craft Beer Movement

Throughout the late 1990’s, two best friends began to notice that something had changed, they wanted more from their beer after visiting some fledgling craft breweries.  The issue they faced was that finding these new wonderful palate tantalizing delights was a challenge as bars were still focused on  macro breweries.  So over a fine cask conditioned ale at a local brewery on a Thursday night in 1999, the two best friends decided to take the bold step and be at the forefront of the craft beer movement.

On May 10, 2000, Logan’s Alley opened with six craft beers on tap and a 75 bottle beer  selection of whatever we could get our hands on at the time.  At the time the two were told they would fail as the craft beer movement was a fad. Now we have 23 taps pouring some of the best beers currently being brewed and a plethora of bottle selections that is ever evolving. The goal was to get as many people to have the opportunity to try new things in a classic neighborhood pub setting.