Biscuits & Gravy ~ 9.00
Little Lucy’s Buttermilk Biscuit Smothered in House-Made Sausage Gravy
Topped with Sunny Side Up Egg and
Garnished with Diced Bacon and Parsley

Brunch Tots ~ 11.50
Chef Loves Tots ‘Philly Style,’ and You Will Too! Chef Smothers ’em with Bacon,
Cheddar-Jack and Provolone Cheese, Green Peppers, Roasted Red Pepper and Red Onion.
All of This Is Mixed Up With House Ground Sausage.
Topped With Gravy & Two Scrambled Eggs.

Crème Brulee French Toast ~ 6.75
Little Lucy’s Texas Toast Lightly Battered.
Then Glazed with Caramelized Sugar
Finished With A Bourbon and Bacon Syrup.

Rustic Corned Beef Hash & Eggs ~ 10 (LS)
Chef Has Labored Over The Slow Cooker to Give Birth To This Traditional House Favorite!
Slow Cooked, House-Made Corned Beef With Just Enough Rustic-ness To Keep It Honest.
Served With Chef’s Special Seasoned Hash, Two Cooked To Order Eggs and Multigrain Toast.

Monte Madame ~ 11.50
So, A Count and a Madame Walk Into A Bar…
Savory Ham, Sliced Turkey and Two Eggs (One Scrambled, One Over Easy) Are
Hidden Between Two Pieces of Mullet-Grain French Toast With A Side of Fireball Infused
Grape Jelly… Then We Smother It In Chef’s Secret Beer Cheese! You’re So Welcome!

Shrooms in the AM Skillet ~ 11.50 (V,LS,SF)
A Hot Skillet Packed With Tater Tots and Heaped High with Ham, Bacon, Broccoli,
Squash and Green Onions. Then Chef Smothered It In His Brown Mushroom Gravy,
Two Eggs (Cooked To Order) and Topped With Fried Onion Straws.
Then Chef Thought, “F*&% Yeah” and Served It With Toast.

V=can become vegetarian.. VG= can become vegan.. AB= antibiotic free
Sf= Contains a superfood.. GF=can become gluten-free, ask your server.
LS=typically sourced from local & sustainable farms. Depending on season.


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