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Monthly Selections

8 Rockin' Seasonal Creations...for this month only!

White Lightning Chili ~ Cup 4.5/Bowl 7.5 (SF,LS)
Slow Cooked White Chicken Chili made with Saugatuck Serrano Ale, Fresh Herbs, Smoked Bacon,
Onions, Garlic, Green Peppers, Chili Beans, Tortilla Strips. Featured for Cool Brews & Hot Eats!

Whiskey Sausage Pizza Rolls ~ 8 (LS)
Logan's Whiskey Sausage, Pizza Sauce, Pepper jack Cheese, and Puff Pastry made into our own
version of a Pizza Roll. Served with Cilantro Ranch & Pizza Sauce on the side.

Italian Meatball Sandwich ~ 10.5 (LS, SF, GF--Ask Server)
Hand Made Meatballs, Smokey Tomato Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Shredded Provolone Cheese,
on a Schnitz Hoagie Bun. Served with Kettle Chips & Giardiniera.

Slow Smoked Brisket & BBQ Chips ~ 12.5 (LS, GF--Ask Server)
House Smoked and Dry Rubbed Beef Brisket, Espresso BBQ Sauce, Pickled Corn Relish, served
with Spicy-Sweet Seasoned Kettle Chips on the side.

Smoked Cauliflower Bites ~ 8 (LS, V, VG, GF--Ask Server)
Apple Wood Smoked Cauliflower Florets, Fresh Herbs & Spices, Served with Apple Slices
and a side of Root Beer BBQ Sauce.

Bacon Jalapeno Potato Poppers ~ 7
Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Jalapenos, Bacon, Cheddar Jack Cheese, Green Onions, Served
with a side of Sriracha Beer Cheese Sauce.

Logan's Chili Beerfest Burger ~ 10.5 (LS, GF--Ask Server)
Two Locally Sourced Steakburger Patties, Smothered in Nacho Cheese Chili, Tomato, Fresh Lettuce,
Served Open Face on a Little Rooster Brioche Bun. Served with Kettle Chips and Giardiniera.

Shepherds Pie ~ 12 (SF, LS)
An English & Irish dish made Logan's style, Locally Sourced Ground Lamb and Beef stewed with
Carrots, Peas, Onions, Garlic, & Fresh Rosemary, Topped with Tater Tots and Smoked Gouda
Cheese. ~Add a Fried Egg ~ 1.00

*Come back and check out our Chef's new selections on Aug. 7th!!!
Our Chef is committed to creating a flavor sensation as excellent and
varied as our beer list….so try EVERY beer and EVERY monthly creation.