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What's on Tap!

Lagunitas Rum Barrel Brown Shugga - Imperial Brown Ale … 12.6% … California
Like feeding rum soaked raw shark to a horny gerbil. Boozy and malty, in all the, ahem, right ways.

PUX Whipper Snapper - Hard Cider … 6.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Pux took their already delicious cider, added ginger, cinnamon and pear with a dash of nostalgia.

Bell's Hopslam - Imperial IPA … 10% abv … MICHIGAN
Carbonated with honey, this hop bomb is irresponsible, drinkable, and always a favorite.

Old Nation Boss Tweed - Imperial NE IPA … 9.3%abv … MICHIGAN
Pours super hazy orange and has an aroma of super juicy mango, tangerine, orange juice and papaya!

Short's Soft Parade - Rye Fruit … 7.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Fermented with pureed strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries with a rye malt bill.

Bell's Two Hearted - IPA … 7% abv … MICHIGAN
Rated the best IPA in the world! It has a wonderful floral aroma, superior drinkability, and impressive consistency.

Blackrocks 51 K IPA … 7% abv … MICHIGAN
Bursting hops all over your face, our American IPA is full of earthy grapefruit, apricot and piney hop flavors .

Old Nation M43 - NE IPA … 7.2%abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed in the New England style leaving this IPA "juicy" and intentionally hazy with inherent smoothness.

Short's - Logan's Lager … 4.4% abv … MICHIGAN
You may not have asked for it, but here it is!  Short's brewed, Logan's poured.  The Logan's Lager. A micro take on a macro product.  Short's take on an American Adjunct Lager, for friends!

Bee Well Antrim Apple Pie Mead ... 6.9% abv … MICHIGAN
We combined our delicious local apples, vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and honey from Antrim County, Michigan. The result is our version of apple pie in a bottle.

Lagunitas 12th of Never - Pale Ale … 5.5% abv … California
It's magical, well, sorta. It's a blend of old and new school hops that leave it dripping with bright citrus and papaya-esque flavors dancing across a stage of puffy English wheat. Word.

Odd Side Citra Pale Ale … 5.75% abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed exclusively with Citra hops giving it flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruit, lemon and pine.

Destihl Antiquity (2015) - Rye Whiskey Aged Rye Wine… 12.1% abv … Illinois
High residual malty sweetness, high complexity of alcohols and fruity-ester characters .

Saugatuck Neapolitan Nitro Stout … 6.4% abv … MICHIGAN
Dark roasted notes balanced with creamy flavors of chocolate, strawberries and vanilla. Simply one of the best offerings from Saugatuck Brewing to date!

Witch's Hat Sweet Lou's Milk Stout w/ Coffee … 6.5% abv 
Partnered again with Great Lakes Coffee Roasting, we get another java treat! This is a full bodied stout brewed with dark chocolate malt, lactose and coffee!

Brewery Vivant Space Skull Ascendant - Wild Ale … 7% abv … MICHIGAN
The next of the Plein de Vie series is a barrel aged beauty dry hopped with galaxy and rakau hops.

Dogfish Head SeaQuench - Black Lime Gose … 4.9% abv … Delaware
Three German styles in one! First a standard  Kolsch with lots of wheat and Munich Malt, then Gose with black limes, coriander and our sea salt. Followed by a citrusy-tart Berliner Weiss made with lime juice and lime peel. Your favorite summer beer!

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars - Wild Flanders… 7% abv … MICHIGAN
This is fermented using both ale and lager yeast and is mellowed in an oak foeder. Subtle bourbon notes

Jolly Pumpkin Smashed & Hop Dusted 2.0 - Wild IPA… 6.3% abv … MICHIGAN
This IPA showcases the Experimental Hop HBC 342 lending notes of apricot and citrus with JP's trademark funk.

Lagunitas Eroica - Wild Ale … 7.4% … California
A Flemish Farmhouse ale, aged in red wine oak barrels and funked it up with Brettanomyces yeast.

Rodenbach Fruitage - Wild Ale… 4.2% ... Belgium
25% aged ale blended with 75% young RODENBACH ale, with added cherries and elderberries.

Speciation Meiotic Drive - Wild Ale … 7.2% abv … MICHIGAN
Foeder aged solera sour with elderberries. Nice and jammy with a slight herbal twist.