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What's on Tap!

Witch's Hat Figgie Smallz w/Figs - Belgian Style Quad … 10.4% abv … MICHIGAN
This deep and complex beer is hypnotizing and fermented over juicy figs.

Pacific Coast Mango Muscat … 6% abv … California
Hand crafted cider with Mangos and Muscat grapes make this unique and perfectly enjoyable!

Stone Loral and Dr Rudi's Inevitable Adventure - Imperial IPA … 8.9% abv … CALIFORNIA
Loral Hops (est. 2016) piney and herbal blended with Dr. Rudi (est 1976) floral and citrusy, inevitably.

Short's Soft Parade - Rye Fruit … 7.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Fermented with pureed strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries with a rye malt bill.

Bell's Two Hearted - IPA … 7% abv … MICHIGAN
Rated the best IPA in the world! It has a wonderful floral aroma, superior drinkability, and impressive consistency.

Old Nation M43 - NE IPA … 7.2%abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed in the New England style leaving this IPA "juicy" and intentionally hazy with inherent smoothness.

Short's/Lagunitas Not Unofficial - IPA … 6.5% abv … MICHIGAN
Short's first Collab with Lagunitas brings is an American IPA with Guava and Mango.

Stone Exalted IPA … 7% abv … CALIFORNIA
Loral & Citra hops have been anointed to bestow their divine qualities on this sacred brew.

Stone Scorpion Bowl - IPA … 7.5% abv … CALIFORNIA
A strong IPA from the Godfathers of West Coast IPAs! A blend of Loral, Mandarina, and Mosaic hops.

Short's - Logan's Lager … 4.4% abv … MICHIGAN
You may not have asked for it, but here it is!  Short's brewed, Logan's poured.  The Logan's Lager. A micro take on a macro product.  Short's take on an American Adjunct Lager, for friends!

Bee Well Antrim Apple Pie Mead ... 6.9% abv … MICHIGAN
We combined our delicious local apples, vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka and honey from Antrim County, Michigan. The result is our version of apple pie in a bottle.

Lagunitas Sumpin' Easy - Pale Ale … 5.7% … California
This is everything we've learned about making hop-forward beer expressed in a moderate voice.

Bell's 355 E Stout (Traverse City Whiskey Barrel) … 9.1% abv ... MICHIGAN
The coffee (Water Street Coffee) punches your nose while the whiskey tickles your Gulliver!

Founders Breakfast Stout … 8.3%abv…MICHIGAN
Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, and coffee.

The Mitten BA DBL Black Betsy - Stout … 12.5% abv … MICHIGAN
This Tree Beer has tons of booze, a thick mouthfeel and an ample amount of roastiness.

Witch's Hat Olde School Tuff Guy - Old Ale … 9% abv … MICHIGAN
Huge caramel notes, boozy and sweet without the bitterness a great companion for the colder months.

Brewery Vivant Paris - Wild Ale … 9% abv … MICHIGAN
Vivant took an Imperial Saison and aged it for a year in Red Wine barrels with brettanomyces.

Saugatuck Neapolitan Nitro Stout … 6.4% abv … MICHIGAN
Dark roasted notes balanced with creamy flavors of chocolate, strawberries and vanilla. Simply one of the best offerings from Saugatuck Brewing to date!

Dogfish Head SeaQuench - Black Lime Gose … 4.9% abv … Delaware
Three German styles in one! First a standard  Kolsch with lots of wheat and Munich Malt, then Gose with black limes, coriander and our sea salt. Followed by a citrusy-tart Berliner Weiss made with lime juice and lime peel. Your favorite summer beer!

Speciation Progenote - BBA Wild Ale … 7.8% abv … MICHIGAN
This Tree Beer is a Dark Flanders style sour aged in bourbon barrels. Tart with a touch of malt vinegar.

Speciation Saturnalicious - Wild Ale … 7.35% abv … MICHIGAN
This is a barrel aged Flanders Style Red ale in collaboration with Pike 51. Tart and complex as the style dictates.

Speciation Wet Hopped Incipient - Wild Ale … 6.7% abv … MICHIGAN
Brewed w/ pilsner malts, oats & wheat. Aged in red wine barrels for 8 months, wet hopped w/ Chinook.